How can a subcontracted delivery service negatively affect your company image?

In recent years, companies have begun outsourcing sections of their business to private, independent contractors. Other companies, such as the Uber and Lyft ridesharing businesses, were built on the foundation of independent subcontractors running almost the entire service. The requirements to obtain a driving job at a subcontracted business are pretty simple. They typically involve owning a license, a car, a clean driving record and of course passing a background check.

In theory, these types of businesses sound great, with their selling point revolving around employees creating their own schedule while not having to report to an office. Now, more companies are jumping on the bandwagon to supplement their own independent driving services, especially in the shipping industry.

Amazon, one of the leading online retailers, has introduced Amazon Flex, a subcontracted delivery service, to select cities across the United States. Amazon began this service as a way to supplement their usage of large courier companies by using their own subcontracted drivers instead. Amazon Flex will certainly have its benefits, such as faster delivery for customers and flexible shifts for employees. However, there are mixed reviews over the new delivery system.

In the United Kingdom, there are two specific companies that subcontract their deliveries out to private drivers, similar to the concept of Amazon Flex. Both companies operate on a similar system: they hire external drivers to deliver packages. The major complaints for both companies revolve around the lack of service, increase in damaged packages, and late package arrivals. For both companies, there are countless reviews rating them the worst delivery services to use due to careless delivery drivers.

The reviews discuss the failed attempts at delivery, where private delivery drivers leave delivery attempt notices at the doorsteps of people who were actually inside of their home,  awaiting the sound of their doorbell for the arrival of their package. Another common complaint is damaged packages due to improper handling and delivery methods. Often, damage claims are not addressed by this type of company and package liability terms and conditions are written in the hard to find fine print.  Independent drivers can work out well, but they can also yield damaging effects towards a company’s image.

As successful as Amazon has been, it is hard to imagine this new delivery system running horribly. Like others, Amazon does require that applicants undergo a background check and submit a clean driving record. Yet considering the experiences of those who have utilized similar companies, it is hard to not be skeptical. It also is a bit disconcerting to consider a random driver arriving to your home as opposed to a representative from a reputable courier service.

Considering the complaints with companies subcontracting their services out, local and  more importantly, reputable couriers are worth looking into. A quality courier company will often have the same drivers on the same route, allowing you to become familiar with team members. Not to mention, many of them do offer a package insurance guarantee for damages.

AER Logistics is a courier service located in Southern California offering same local and nationwide delivery services for a fraction of the price of our competitors. All of our clients have the ability to customize their delivery, whether a signature is required or a specific delivery location,  at no added cost. Best of all, we do not subcontract out to independent drivers. Personal touch and cost effective services set AER Logistics above the rest in the courier industry. Give us a call on your next personalized delivery at 1-800-639-3900.

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