Small Couriers: Allowing Businesses to Keep Pace with Industry Leaders

It is safe to say that the constant development of new technology has shifted our consumerist society’s expectations, thanks to dominating online retailers such as Amazon. As these retail leaders offer services such as free two day, next day, and same day shipping, online shoppers gravitate to those retailers that can deliver products fast. At the rate Amazon is growing, there is a chance that almost instant delivery services are right around the corner. Currently, Amazon offers free same day shipping on qualifying products ordered as long as the purchase reaches $35 pre tax.

The point here is that Amazon has successfully dominated the retail market place, especially since they sell everything that a department store sells, and more. With each of their new advances, competitors have to struggle to keep up with the low prices and increasingly convenient services. In recent years, companies have attempted to jump on the fast shipping band-wagon. Kohl’s, a well known nationwide department store, has implemented a “buy online and pick up in store” service in the last year, but that is about the best that department stores have been able to offer.

Other companies are still dealing with shipping rates of the past, forcing their clients to pay a certain amount before their order can qualify for the luxury of free shipping. Sometimes, the amount required to get free shipping can be upwards of $100, unless the customer has a store credit or rewards card, but there is always a caveat. Even at that rate, orders shipped from those companies are not guaranteed to arrive within the two day window that Amazon offers; and certainly not for free. Large department stores aside, the effects of fast and affordable shipping trickles down the line to all businesses; small businesses included.

This is where the ease of using a local courier services comes into play. Our consumerist society has grown used to the concept of having an item in hand within a few hours of hitting the order button. It is almost certain that small, local couriers are the delivery services of the future as they can offer same day services for a fraction of the price of major carriers. This gives small businesses looking to compete with their larger competitors an edge to keep up. Some small couriers are even willing to haggle over their shipping rates depending on the amount of shipments. What can be learned from this information is that small, local delivery services are worth looking into as a way to offset shipping costs while keeping up with the continuously changing retail and shipping industries.

AER Logistics, located in Southern California, offers local and nationwide deliveries on small package and large pallet deliveries. Give us a call today to learn more about our low rates and personalized services at 1-800-639-3900.

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