Top 4 Most Common Problems with Large Courier Services

 It is all too common that we hear horror stories of precious and expensive packages becoming damaged, lost, or stolen in transit by major delivery services. While there are a number of reasons these situations occur, it is often due to poor or unreliable handling practices. Don’t get us wrong, the good experiences with larger courier companies far outweigh the bad, but when it comes to handling your important packages you may consider opting for a more personal, secure, and cheaper delivery service. Here are the most common complaints we hear from customers that have switched from using large delivery companies to AER Logistics Courier Service:

  1. Packages become lost or damaged. Large delivery companies deal with a higher volume of packages. Due to the fact that these packages are processed through a large facility, it is easy for a package to wind up in the wrong place, or sent on the wrong route. In addition, they are placed on large trucks, where packages are stacked on top of each other and have a higher chance of falling or getting crushed by other unsecured packages. Of course, damages can occur with any delivery service, but AER Logistics Courier Service is sensitive to the fact that your package is too important to risk damage. As a solution, our trucks are smaller in size, carry less than truck-load, and are strategically packed before transport to prevent damages.
  2. Service is not as personal. Due to the high volume of packages processed through huge facilities, it is harder to obtain personalized shipping from large delivery companies. Through AER’s system, drivers receive real time updates per special delivery request, which, in most cases, allows them to implement a change in their route where necessary. Packages are also hand delivered in person and signed for at no added cost, and all information including package tracking is uploaded through your customer portal. As a result, you always know where your packages are.  Not to mention, because we operate on a much smaller scale, you get to know and trust our team members. As you continue to use our services, you will work with the same local customer service agents and delivery drivers. These unique aspects are a far cry from what large delivery companies can offer.
  3. Large Overhead Costs. High overhead costs, such as insurance and travel expenses, are common with larger courier services. As a result, those costs are reflected in product and delivery prices, and in turn, absorbed by the customer.  AER’s affordable service is hard to compete with, as our inexpensive shipping rates stay low, and we do not charge for residential deliveries, mileage, or special requests, like a delivery signature. At UPS, obtaining a delivery signature will cost upwards of $4.25, and obtaining an adult signature will cost $5.25. AER Logistics does not charge for signatures. We also do not charge for requests made online vs. over the phone whereas our competitors will.
  4. Unreliable Service. Large shipping companies often contract out to private couriers when they do not have enough resources. Some of these “side” companies tend to be unreliable, unprofessional, and not as safe with the handling of your package. It is also one extra step your package has to go through before arriving at its final destination. At AER, all items are dealt with and processed in one facility, and by hand.

 At AER Logistics, our worry-free, no hassle, and affordable rates are the reason our clients count on us for safe courier services. While we still offer large package and pallet shipments, we function on a smaller and more personal scale than our large counterparts. All packages processed in our facility are hand sorted, eliminating the chance of a lost package. We offer the same convenient services, including same and next day shipping, for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. If you are still not convinced, give us a call today at (800) 639- 3900 for a free quote on your next local or nationwide shipment, and rest assured that your items are in the right hands.

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