Understandably, it is difficult to convince a potential client to leave their current delivery service, especially when contracts with large couriers, and their large reputations, are involved. On a daily basis, our sales team addresses the same concerns expressed towards utilizing small courier services and they all revolve around cost, quality assurance, and time constraints. Most people fear that where rates may be lower with small couriers, the quality of service may lack. Here is how AER Logistics debunks the top three misconceptions of small courier services:


Most companies are lead to believe they are paying the absolute lowest shipping rates with their current courier. New clients are always astonished at the low rates and special services AER Logistics can offer compared to their prior courier. Unlike other couriers, AER does not charge for additional services such as signatures, residential deliveries, or even special delivery requests. We pride ourselves in offering honest, no hassle delivery services while maintaining our competitive rates.

Package Insurance

Understandably, companies also want to stay with their current carrier because of their package insurance policies. Most are quick to assume that a small courier lacks in this area. Rest assured, AER Logistics has a standard guarantee of $100 per delivery, which is in line with the guarantee most other courier companies’ offer.

Time Constraints

A third excuse for not switching carriers revolves around the assumption that the process takes too much time and paperwork to build a new contract. Unlike most carriers, AER does not use contracts, nor does it run credit checks in the process of establishing a new account. Switching to AER is as simple as creating a quick profile online and shipping within that same day.

Overall, companies are typically comfortable with their courier service and fail to understand the amount they could be saving without sacrificing on service. The truth is, we’ve had customers who used FedEx, or other large courier for years and, regardless of their account loyalty status, still paid higher delivery rates than what AER Logistics could offer. To put it simply, AER Logistics offers rates that our competitors cannot compete with.

Call AER Logistics today at 1-800-639-3900 to see exactly how you can save on your next delivery. Quotes are free and you can begin shipping today. Our no-hassle service is the reason our returning customers rely on AER for their delivery needs every day.

Still not convinced? Click here to view our testimonial page with reviews and success stories written first hand by our loyal customers.

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